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Bug Bounty.

Win Prizes. Gain Knowledge. Protect Penn State.

How Does it Work?

Look for defects in the participating domains.

When you find one, collect enough documentation so that the Office of Information Security can reproduce it.

Send it to before December 1.

Prizes distributed December 5.


What are the Rules?

No destructive attacks.

Only eligible domains.

Stop when you gain enough documentation to prove the defect.

Not all defects will be corrected in a timely manner; the site owners will prioritize remediation.

You may not disclose defects to anyone other than OIS.

How Do I Register?

You must be registered to participate.

Send your name, major or program, level and access ID to

Eligible domains:;;;;;;;;;;; alumni2.psu/edu/alumnicourtyard/default.htm;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;​;;;;;;;