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The Office of Information Security has procured a number of licenses for CylancePROTECT, a cybersecurity client that identifies threats through advanced algorithms and machine learning. CylancePROTECT provides the technology and services to be predictive and preventive against advanced threats.

There are two categories available to Penn State units for CylancePROTECT installation: Restricted and High Systems (RHS) and Department-purchased Licenses

Differences between Restricted and High Systems (RHS) and Departmental-purchased Cylance Licenses

  Restricted and High System (RHS) Licenses Department-purchased Licenses (Moderate and Low Systems)
Purpose of Software Installation on all Penn State University-owned systems storing restricted and high level data Installation only on level 1 and 2 systems within a unit (note: restricted and high systems may not use departmental licenses).
Licensing Fees Covered by OIS at no cost to units Paid for by unit per device.

Note: by purchasing a departmental license, you are agreeing to a contract that renews yearly through December 2020.

How to Procure Cylance Licenses OIS will contact all administrators of previously-categorized restricted and high systems; you may contact if you have not already reported these types of systems to OIS. Available for purchase through:

Administration of Console and Client Policies Administration provided by OIS Administration handled by unit
Deployment Installer provided by OIS, deployment handled by unit Installer available through Cylance console, deployment handled by unit
Monitoring Monitoring for malware performed by OIS. Monitoring and adjusting for false positives performed by unit. Monitoring for malware performed by OIS and unit. Monitoring for false positives handled by unit
Support Support performed by OIS by contacting Support provided by Cylance through the Cylance help portal


I’d like to get CylancePROTECT. What are my next steps?

For Systems Storing Restricted and High Level Data:

If you have previously provided a list of systems that store restricted or high data to OIS, you will be contacted by OIS. To report any additional systems to OIS, contact

OIS is currently working to configure the Cylance console for known restricted and high level data clients. Once OIS has completed configuration in the console for your unit, you will be sent a link containing Cylance installation software, instructions for deployment, and instructions for unit personnel to access the Cylance console to monitor their clients.

For a Unit At-Cost License Purchase:

Units may purchase Cylance at

Once the license has been purchased, will notify OIS. OIS will provision a tenant within the Cylance console for your unit. You will receive an email from OIS with access and further instructions once the tenant has been provisioned.

For more information, please contact: