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Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management connects the right people to the right services. Our goal is to simultaneously increase the efficiency of University operations and the effectiveness of our information security. We do this by integrating Penn State policies, processes and technologies to enable effective and secure management of people's identities and their access to Penn State systems and data.

Technical Operations.

Our Technical Operations team administers applications that provide mission critical services to the University. These include: enterprise directory and authentication services, identity and account management systems, and tools to enable access management by IT professionals. 

Business Operations.

Our Business Operations staff provide best in class support to the Penn State community and consultative services for those looking to integrate with our enterprise IAM systems.  

Enterprise Active Directory.

Enterprise Active Directory (EAD) is Penn State’s deployment of Microsoft Active Directory, which provides University-wide authentication and authorization/directory services. EAD is a secure, standard, and efficient implementation of Active Directory that provides delegated administrative access for Penn State IT Units. It is also a foundational component for vertically-integrated services, such as Office 365. The EAD service is managed by Penn State’s Office of Information Security (OIS) and Enterprise IT (EIT).