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Request to Update Network Contacts

OIS uses automation to send notifications on compromised hosts, vulnerabilities, etc.  The contacts for a system are retrieved from official systems:

  • If you use VM Hosting, OIS uses VM Hosting’s contact database

  • Otherwise, OIS uses ENCS’s IPAM system (a.k.a. Proteus or BlueCat Networks)

    • OIS also leverages the Security Email field as a method for notifying a mailing list rather than specific individuals

OIS does not maintain these systems, so if modifications are necessary, please contact the appropriate owner using the links below.

When visiting the Proteus Network Contact Update request, you will need to first select¬†“I am requesting or changing IP Address Management (IPAM) which includes DNS and DHCP” and then “Request consultation.”

VM Hosting Network Contact Update RequestProteus Network Contact Update Request