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Privacy Impact Assessment

What is a Privacy Impact Assessment?

Privacy Impact Assessments (PIA) analyze how a unit collects, uses, shares, and maintains identifiable information on behalf of Penn State.

A PIA will help your unit:

  1. Conform with applicable legal, regulatory, and policy requirements for privacy
  2. Determine the risks and effects of collecting, using, sharing and maintaining identifiable information
  3. Evaluate protections and alternative processes to mitigate potential privacy risks

When do I need a Privacy Impact Assessment?

A Privacy Impact Assessment is required when a unit:

  • Initiates a new project that collects or generates identifiable information or may otherwise have privacy implications
  • Develops or procures any new technologies or systems that collect, maintain, or disseminate identifiable information

How do I complete a Privacy Impact Assessment?

You may complete a Privacy Impact Assessment form online. A member of the Privacy & Compliance team will contact you after you submit the form.

Penn State’s Privacy Principles