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Security Enclaves

The Penn State Security Enclave Service helps researchers and IT staff quickly transition their work to a pre-configured and highly secure computing infrastructure that complies with Penn State Policies and Standards.

What is an Enclave?

An Enclave can be loosely defined as a segment of network and computing devices which have defined security measures to bring the contents of the Enclave in compliance with applicable Penn State policies and governmental regulations. Think of an Enclave as a container in which all of the needs of the business process occur. Access from your main workstation to this container is achieved through a secure connection point. The ability to move data in and out of the container is controlled through mechanisms that are tailored to your current workflow, or mandated by regulations.

Who needs an Enclave?

If you process Restricted or High levels of data (as defined by University Policy AD95), you are required to use an Enclave. OIS has developed a tool to help you decide which level applies to your information. Security Enclaves house data and process information for a wide variety of units, from administrative functions to research projects and initiatives.

How do I request an Enclave?

You can request an enclave using this ServiceNow form. We will assign your enclave build to the appropriate team and contact you with next steps. For general enclave questions, please contact OIS.

What if I still have questions?

Please contact the Office of Information Security.

All Enclaves require an Authority to Operate (ATO). To learn more about ATOs, please click here