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Security Operations.

Security Operations executes operational components of OIS’s information assurance program. We work hands-on to ensure the protection of Penn State's information and systems. Security Operations has two teams: the Enterprise Security Team and the Security Consulting and Services Team.

Enterprise Security

Enterprise Security keeps Penn State’s enterprise system safe through threat detection, incident response, and vulnerability management.

  • Threat detection: network-based threat monitoring and analysis, system event correlation, and log analysis
  • Incident response: investigate, contain, and mitigate issues; work with units to respond and help recover from detected issues.
  • Vulnerability management: system and application vulnerability detection, technical support, and tracking of mitigation efforts.

Security Consulting and Services

The Security Consulting and Services team works strategically with university stakeholders by proactively participating in technology projects, procurements, and research initiatives throughout the university.  This includes providing security consulting and guidance for projects and initiatives; risk assessments for existing systems and technology procurements; support for disaster recovery planning; and providing training opportunities. Security Consulting and Services also responds to low-level security incidents and general inquiries.