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Software Updates.

It can be easy to overlook software update notifications when they pop up on screen—especially when your computer seems to be working fine—but it’s very important that you don’t ignore or forget to approve updates.

What are software updates?

As developers make improvements to operating systems and software products, they send these upgrades to computers in the form of quick one-time installations. Sometimes these updates are user interface or design enhancements, but often they are important bug fixes or security patches to address potential vulnerabilities, malware, and more.


Stay current and use automatic updates

Many threats work by exploiting known vulnerabilities for which security patches are available, so computers that don’t have all current updates applied are left susceptible to these types of threats. To help guard your computer and data, be sure to accept patches and updates from trusted sources as they become available.

Though it’s possible (and sometimes necessary) to manually check for updates and patches, signing up for automatic updates and notifications is an easy way to stay up to date.

Download software from trusted sources

To help keep software up to date, Penn State offers free software downloads for students, faculty, and staff for a variety of trusted security, antivirus, backup, and productivity products. However, if you’re not sure whether a software product or security patch is from a trusted source, check with your local IT service desk or call (814) 865-4357.