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Penn State Accounts

A Penn State Account is a personal, unique identifier assigned to you. It grants permissions to protected online University resources while maintaining a high level of security.

For more information, please visit the ACCOUNTS page.

Sponsored Accounts

A department can submit a request to elevate the access for an existing account to allow for authentication into Penn State systems. This “sponsorship” typically applies to vendors, contractors, temp workers, and visiting scholars who are working for the University but are not current employees or students. Once the account has been sponsored, various services such as email can be added to the account if requested on the form. An ITS Charge Account is required only if the account requires the Office 365 app suite, which incurs a monthly fee.

Service Accounts

Service Accounts are non-person accounts that are used for systems to authenticate to Penn State resources

Short-Term Access Accounts

Short-Term Access Accounts (STAA) are used for a very short term access into Penn State resources.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication (2FA) provides an extra layer of protection that makes it more difficult for someone else to log in to your Penn State Account. Your user ID and password serve as the first layer of protection. A device, such as a cellphone, landline, tablet, or token, is then prompted for a second form of verification before authentication is granted.

To learn more, visit Get2FA.psu.edu.

Need to Enroll?

Digital Identity Management Center

Digital Identity Management Center (DIMC) can be used by Penn State employees to view or manage information associated with existing Penn State Accounts. If use of DIMC is needed to successfully complete your job requirements, please have your supervisor (as shown in Workday) submit a request for access on your behalf via the online form below. Successful completion of the FERPA exam must be done prior to submission. DIMC training will be assigned based on approval and level of access determined.

WebSSO integrations

WebSSO integrations can be created for applications to use Penn State’s authentication environment

ID and access


Keith Brautigam
Director of Identity and Access Management

Tom Rodgers
IT Manager

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