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Office of Information Security

Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management is responsible for managing:

  • Data, tools, technologies and processes related to Penn State Accounts, and
  • Centralized data, tools, technologies and processes used by various Penn State services to control access to resources.


Identity and Access Management is comprised of two teams: The Business Services Team, and the Technology Operations Team.

The Role of the IAM Business Services Team

  • Customer Service Support. As the customer-facing “front door” to OIS, we provide level 2 support for a wide array of OIS services that serve the entire Penn State community. We are responsible for resolving – or working with other areas of OIS to resolve – the issues, questions, and needs of all those who use or are impacted by OIS services. This includes IT professionals, students, faculty, and other staff, as well as various departments and colleges. Our goal is to provide world-class customer service support.
  • Business Process Improvement. Our customer service role uniquely positions us to fulfill the team’s second, equally important role of promoting business process improvement. Because we field most of the support tickets that come into the department, this team has broad insight into the needs of various customer groups across multiple services. Business Services uses that insight to identify opportunities to eliminate the cause of recurring issues, meet emerging needs, and improve the efficiency, security, and user-friendliness of OIS systems and processes. This makes the team a valuable participant in many identity and security related business process improvement projects across the institution.
  • Service Owner and Manager. In addition to our role in customer service and business process improvement across all OIS services, the Business Services team acts as both service owner and service manager for two-factor authentication and for the DIMC application.

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The Role of the IAM Technology Operations Team

  • Policies and Standards. The IAM Technology Operations team is responsible for establishing enterprise policies and standards that ensure the security, consistency, and accuracy of identity and access management data and processes. The policies and standards we establish variously apply to end-users, software developers, system administrators, software vendors, as well as IT and business units across the University.
  • Technical Direction. The team plays a key role in ensuring that IAM related technologies and processes continue to evolve to keep up with the needs of the institution. This entails staying abreast of new technologies and new features of existing technologies, identifying vulnerabilities, and documenting best practices. The team performs impact, risk and cost-benefit analyses to evaluate and decision potential software, data, and process changes..
  • Process Design.  We also design and direct the implementation of technology and business processes related to identity and access management.  Our goal is to ensure that IAM related software and processes serve the needs and goals of users, IT Staff, and the University in terms of user-friendliness, efficiency, security, etc.  This includes establishing business requirements and business rules for Identity and Access Management related processes and software such as password change, account creation, and single sign-on processes.
  • IT Support.  Provide Level 3 technical support to IT staff for the tools and technologies listed in the next section.


Although the role of the IAM Business Services team encompasses all OIS services, the following services, tools and technologies fall specifically in the realm of Identity and Access Management:

Authentication and Authorization Technologies, including



Keith Brautigam
Director of Identity and Access Management


Tom Rodgers
IT Manager

  • Kathy Beck
    IT Consultant
  • Nadine O’Leary
    IT Consultant
  • Greta Panasiti
    IT Consultant
  • Michael Rauch
    Programmer / Analyst
  • Benjy Romig
    IT Consultant
  • Greg Spayd
    IT Consultant
  • Larry Yingling
    IT Support


John Carnicella
IT Manager

  • Brent Davison
    Systems Administrator
  • Jay Hoff
    Systems Administrator
  • Darren Hron
    Systems Administrator
  • Ryan McKeown
    Systems Administrator
  • Phil Pishioneri
    Systems Design Specialist
  • Jeremy Poletto
    Systems Administrator
  • Phil Swanzy
    Systems Design Specialist
  • Bob Walters
    Systems Design Specialist


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